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Police Work. (Psychology in Action series).

By: AINSWORTH, Peter B. & PEASE, Ken.

Price: £12.50

Publisher: London: The British Psychological Society and Methuen, 1987. 090171545X:

Seller ID: 39911

ISBN: 090171545X

1st edition. "Using practical, everyday examples from real lofe, Polic Work shows serving and training officers how a better understanding of why people do the things they do can make their own work more efficient." Pp.182. Black cloth, dustwrapper. VG/VG. View more info

Lengthening the Arm of the Law: Enhancing Police Resources in the Twenty-First Century.

By: AYLING, Julie, GRABOSKY, Peter and SHEARING, Clifford.

Price: £15.00

Publisher: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. 9780521732598:

Seller ID: 39888

ISBN: 052173259X

"This book is about the ways police organizations are raising funds and obtaining assistance to meet their objectives through entering into arrangements with 'outsiders' - businesses, community groups, other public agencies, and individuals. It examines the benefits and risks of these arrangements and how they affect police efficiency, effectiveness and image." Pp.xii/318. Paperback. VG. View more info

Histoire de la Police Genevoise.

By: BERTRAND, Pierre.

Price: £30.00

Publisher: Geneva: Le Department de Justice et Police de la Republique et Canton de Geneve, 1967.:

Seller ID: 39088

21cms x 18cms.A History of the Police of Geneva, Switzerland. Pp.85, 8 black & white plates. Blue cloth with silver armorial shield to front, silver title to spine. VG. View more info

Public Order and Private Lives: The Politics of Law and Order.

By: BRAKE, Michael and HALE, Chris.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Routledge, 1992. 0415025672:

Seller ID: 39567

ISBN: 0415025672

"A radical examination of the political forces which shape the law and order debate in Britain....a hard-hitting analysis of Conservative policies on crime, showing that, ironically, Conservative policies have created the very social conditions in which crime has flourished." Pp.viii/190, bookseller's label to inside front cover, small label to top corner of front free endpaper. Paperback. VG. View more info

Society and the Policeman's Role.

By: CAIN, Maureen E.

Price: £15.00

Publisher: London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973. 0710074905:

Seller ID: 41662

ISBN: 0710074905

1st edition. International Library of Sociology series. "Dr Cain's main concern is to discover the source of what she calls 'the policeman's world view'. She directs light on police organization and behaviour, and offers an explanation of police behaviour in terms of role pressures and definitions..." Pp.x/315/14(publisher's catalogue), owner's name to front free endpaper. Green cloth, dustwrapper rubbed with edge wear. G+/G+. View more info

Police Medals of the World.

By: CAMPION, Roger.

Price: £25.00

Publisher: Honiton: Token Publishing, 2002. 1870192397:

Seller ID: 39736

ISBN: 1870192397

A Guide to the Most Collected Awards from Around the Globe. ""Includes awards for long service and good conduct as well as for courageous and meritorious deeds, often executed above and beyond the call of duty....In most cases he [the author] has expanded on the basic information by including a little local colour, the history of the development of policing in the area concerned and throughout a miscellany of facts, figures and titbits of information, sometimes with no apparent relevance to the main subject but which add to the overall picture of the country under discussion." Pp.... View more info

Out of Order? Policing Black People.

By: CASHMORE, Ellis and McLAUGHLIN, Eugene.

Price: £9.00

Publisher: London: Routledge, 1991. 0415037263:

Seller ID: 39798

ISBN: 0415037263

"The relationship between the police and black communities is difficult and controversial. Out of Order? is the first book to make a comparative analysis of the policing of blacks in both the UK and the USA. Specially commisioned contributions from experts on both sides of the Atlantic explore the questions central to the relationship, and present a new and challenging evaluation of the situation." Pp.viii/243, a few marginal pencil markings. Paperback. G+. View more info

Changing Police Culture: Policing in a Multicultural Society.

By: CHAN, Janet B.L.

Price: £18.00

Publisher: CambridgeL Cambridge University Press, 1997. 0521564557:

Seller ID: 41651

ISBN: 0521564557

"Police culture is often considered as both a cause of police deviance and an obstacle to police reform. In this study of racism and reform in an Australian police organisation, Janet Chang provides a critical assessment of police initiative in response to the problem of police-minorities relations....The book examines the dynamics of change and resistance within an organisation, and captures the complexity and unpredictability of the change process. It draws extensively on international literature and addresses current debates in the US, the UK and Canada." Pp.xii/255, map of Austral... View more info

Image for From Cutlasses to Computers. The Police Force in Liverpool 1836-1989.

From Cutlasses to Computers. The Police Force in Liverpool 1836-1989.


Price: £38.00

Publisher: Market Drayton: SB Publications, 1991. 1870708466:

Seller ID: 41655

ISBN: 1870708466

1st edition. "Liverpool was so vile and wicked a port in the last century that it was known as the 'Black Spot on the Mersey'. International visitors agreed with this description because of the terrible social conditions in the dockland districts and the city centre...." Pp.94, occasional black & white photo illustrations throughout. Paperback, minor crease to lower front corner. Scarce.VG. View more info

Policing Northamptonshire 1836-1986.

By: COWLEY, Richard.

Price: £55.00

Publisher: Studley: K.A.F.Brewin Books, 1986. 0947731210:

Seller ID: 41846

ISBN: 0947731210

1st edition. "Northamptonshire police history is a complex affair. Since 1836, four separate police forces have been established in the county, and over the years, these have evolved into the single force that we have today [1986]. The boroughs of Northampton, Daventry and Higham Ferrers were all obliged by law to form forces in 1836, whilst in 1840 the county of Northamptonshire voluntarily established its police force. Because they were completely separate, every one of these forces developed in its own individual way and produced its own peculiar characteristics and history...." Pp... View more info

Police Practice & Research. An International Journal. (Volume 1. Number 1).

By: DAS, Dilip.(editor).

Price: £18.00

Publisher: Harwood Academic Publishers, 2000.:

Seller ID: 39465

Contents include: Research and Practice in Policing: A View from Europe; Policing in Transition; Police Officer Perceptions of the Disciplinary; Consequences of Police Corruption; The People's Peace; Police Use of Violence; World Perspective: Crime Prevention and Community Policing. Pp.167. Paperback has minor edge wear. VG. View more info

Serving the People: Sector Policing and Public Accountability.

By: DIXON, Bill & STANKO, Elizabeth.

Price: £12.50

Publisher: London: Islington Council, 1993. 0902260243:

Seller ID: 39525

ISBN: 0902260243

"This report is based on a study of the implementation of a new style of sector policing on the Holloway Division of the Metropolitan Police." 29cms x 20.5cms. Paperback. VG. View more info

Image for Policing Wigan. The Wigan Borough Police Force 1836-1969.

Policing Wigan. The Wigan Borough Police Force 1836-1969.


Price: £15.00

Publisher: Landy Publishing, 1996. 1872895298:

Seller ID: 39738

ISBN: 1872895298

"For 133 years, the Corporation of W igan ran its own Police Force. It was authorised by Act of Parliament to set one up in 1836, and by virtue of another one, had to stop doing so in 1969....Relates the story chronologically from the day when six men and a Head Constable swore to serve their Sovereign, to the day when 188 officers and their Chief Constable were amalgamated with most other Forces in the county." Pp.86, occasional black & white photo illustrations. Paperback. VG. View more info

Image for Police Gallantry. The King's Police Medal, the King's Police and Fire Service Medal and the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry 1909-1978.

Police Gallantry. The King's Police Medal, the King's Police and Fire Service Medal and the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry 1909-1978.

By: FARMERY, J. Peter.

Price: £120.00

Publisher: North Manley, Australia: Periter and Associates PTY Ltd, 1995. 0646248383:

Seller ID: 39250

ISBN: 0646248383

1st edition. A record of the circumstances leading to the award of the medals. "The King's Police Medal was introduced in 1909 to recognise, among other things, bravery by police and fire service personnel whilst in the course of their duties. Often referred to as the 'Policeman's V.C.', this is the first unified record of the stories behind the award of the medals...Contains over 300 photographs of recipients which are shown alongside their stories, to enrich the value of this book. References to London Gazette entries, and to where documents can be researched in the Public Records Office are... View more info

The Police and Social Conflict: Rhetoric and Reality.

By: FIELDING, Nigel G.

Price: £8.50

Publisher: London: The Athlone Press, 1991. 0485801027:

Seller ID: 39887

ISBN: 0485801027

"The media and the politicians draw one image of the police whereas empirical research portrays another. This book provides a dispassionate and systematic analysis of the role of the police in social conflict and advances and informs the debate with a synthesis of the evidence for and against." Pp.xii/266. Paperback. VG. View more info

Policing For London.

By: FITGERALD, Marian; HOUGH, Mike; JOSEPH, Ian and QURESHI, Tareq.

Price: £15.00

Publisher: Cullompton: Willan Publishing, 2002. 190324093X:

Seller ID: 39524

ISBN: 190324093X

Report of an independent study funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. "This study was initiated shortly after publication of the report of the Macpherson Inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence." 30cms x 21cms. Pp.xxiv/166. Paperback. VG. View more info

Ethnic Monitoring in Police Forces: A Beginning.


Price: £15.00

Publisher: London: Home Office, 1997. 1858939968:

Seller ID: 39886

ISBN: 1858939968

1st edition. "Looks at the issues surrounding the introduction of ethnic monitoring, the results it is likely to produce and the ways in which these, in turn, are interpreted and used. Its findings suggest the need for more sophisticated understandings of the reasons for apparent differences in the 'representation' of different ethnic groups in criminal justice statistics." Pp.xiv/121. Paperback. VG. View more info

Community Policing: Rhetoric or Reality.

By: GREENE, Jack R. and MASTROFSKI, Stephen D.

Price: £45.00

Publisher: New York: Praeger Publishers, nd. 0275940632:

Seller ID: 39563

ISBN: 0275940632

"In the community policing model, cities have found an answer to ineffectiveness against crime, low police morale, and community disintegration and conflict. With the right programs, communities can have it all: police discretion and minimal police abuse, citizen support and effective policing." Pp.xiv/279, title/copyright pages absent(?). Paperback, minor creasing to corners. Scarce. VG. View more info

The Dirty Squad. The Inside Story of the Obscene Publications Branch by its Former Head.

By: HAMES, Michael.

Price: £18.00

Publisher: London: Little, Brown and Company, 2000. 0316853216:

Seller ID: 39480

ISBN: 0316853216

"'The Dirty Squad': the nickname for Scotland Yard's Obscene Publications Branch, its remit to tackle the spread of hardcore pornography, both adult abd, increasingly, porn involving children and child abuse in general...In his frank and compelling autobiography, Hames looks back over thirty-two years with the Metropolitan Police." Pp.x/303. Blue cloth, dustwrapper has some minor creasing. VG/G+. View more info

Policing, Accountability and Young People.

By: HAMILTON, Jennifer; RADFORD, Katy and JARMAN, Neil.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Belfast: Institute for Conflict Research, 2003. 0954189825:

Seller ID: 39491

ISBN: 0954189825

"This report draws on the findings of a survey of 1163 young people and discussions within 31 focus groups to explore their attitudes to and experiences of the various structures of policing in Northern Ireland: the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Police Ombudsman and the Policing Board." Pp.110, 23 tables + 4 figure illustrations. Paperback. VG. View more info