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Image for Creation or Evolution. Do We Have To Choose?

Creation or Evolution. Do We Have To Choose?


Price: £10.50

Publisher: Oxford: Monarch Books, 2008. 9780825462924:

Seller ID: 41779

ISBN: 0825462924

1st edition. "In this brilliant and highly readable treatise, Denis Alexander the scientist-believer argues convincingly and lovingly that a committed Christian need not fear evolution, but can embrace it as God's awesome means of creation."(Dr Francis S.Collins, Head of the Human Genome Project, USA). Pp.382, 21 figure illustrations.Paperback. VG. View more info

Global Theology. The meaning of faith in the present world crisis.

By: AMBLER, Rex.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Philadelphia: Trinity Press International, 1990.:

Seller ID: 12349

1st.ed. "The doubt prompted by our current life-style and values is set over against a religious faith which struggles to survive in the faith of that doubt." Pp. 90. Ink stamp to fep. P/b. VG. View more info

The Church's Neurosis and Twentieth Century Revelations.

By: BARKER C. Edward.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Rider & Co., 1975.:

Seller ID: 10555

1st.ed. "Shows a clear understanding of what Jesus was driving assessment of St. Paul's teaching." Pp, 269, sticker to verso front cover. P/b. G+. View more info

Threshold 2000. Critical Issues and Spiritual Values for a Global Age.

By: BARNEY, Gerald O. with Blewett, Jane and Barney, Kristen R.:

Price: £6.00

Publisher: U.S.A: Conexus Press,1999.:

Seller ID: 15636

Rep. "Threshold 2000 points the way to a new dialogue-between religions and between religion and the other guiding institutions-about the future of the Earth and the human community." 18cms x 23.5cms. Pp.158. P/b. VG. View more info

The Answers Book. (Updated and Expanded).

By: BATTEN, Don.(Editor).

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Australia: Answers in Genesis Ltd, 2001. 0949906239:

Seller ID: 35074

ISBN: 0949906239

3rd printing. The 20 Most-Asked Questions about Creation, Evolution, & the Book of Genesis Answered. Contributors include Ken Ham, Jonathan Sarfati and Carl Wieland. Pp.264,errata slip tipped in to front, scuff to half title page(removed label). Pbk. VG. View more info

Expecto. An Essay Towards A Biology of the World to Come.


Price: £9.00

Publisher: Chester: Phillipson & Golder, 1926.:

Seller ID: 12633

1st.ed. "The world we live in...Organic Evolution's Mental Concomitant...Through Christian Telescopes." Pp. 174. Inscribed by author to title. Some underlining and notations. P/b. G. View more info

Pastoral Psychology: A Study in the Care of Souls.


Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: George Allen and Unwin Ltd, 1951. 0:

Seller ID: 34985

"The author's foremost aim is to show that pastoral psychology should find its own techniques; even if it uses the experiences of psychotherapy, it is to be considered as an independent form of personality treatment." Pp.227, minor spotting to endpapers. Green cloth, d/w has uneven sunning and chipping to edges. G+/G+. View more info

Adam and the Ape. A Christian Approach to the Theory of Evolution.


Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Falcon, 1975. 0854915621:

Seller ID: 35363

ISBN: 0854915621

The author "sets out to show that without losing his faith a Christian can accept natural selection as a fact 'with no more uncertainty than the law that an incoming tide washes away sandcastles'." Pp.80, owners name to front free endpaper. Pbk, spine creased. G+. View more info

Scientists Look at the Bible. (Key Books No.1).

By: BOYD, Robert L.F and Others.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: London: United Society for Christian Literature. 1959.:

Seller ID: 23282

1st ed. "This book is based on broadcasts in the BBC Overseas Religious Broadcasting Service, given to meet the difficulties of people who imagine that science has 'proved' the Bible wrong". Pp 47, inscrip. to fep. P/b, slight spotting to rear cover, stiff card covers. G+. View more info

Science: The Demonstrator of Revelation.


Price: £12.00

Publisher: London: James Nisbet & Co.Ltd, 1905.:

Seller ID: 42004

1st edition. Pp.xvi/155, some toning to endpapers but otherwise very clean and tight. Maroon cloth, gilt title to front and spine, slightly rubbed. VG. View more info

How Blind is the Watchmaker? Nature's Design & the Limits of Naturalistic Science.

By: BROOM, Neil.

Price: £9.00

Publisher: Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2001. 0851115543:

Seller ID: 33966

ISBN: 0851115543

"The author reveals how naturalistic science is guilty of attempting to reduce all explanations to the molecular level, even when higher nonmaterial levels of explanation are clearly required to describe the behaviour of many systems. Likewise he shows why there is little chance that science can define life in a way that seamlessly connects it to the inanimate world." Pp.224, occasional b/w figure illustrations. Pbk. VG. View more info

The Bible The Qur'an and Science.

By: BUCAILLE, Maurice.:

Price: £7.00

Publisher: Ahmedabad: Islami Sahitya Prakashan, 1982.:

Seller ID: 16273

1st ed. "A confrontation between subjects dealt with in the Scriptures and the facts of 20th century science." Pp9/253, Islam Centre stamp to fep and inside back cover. P/b, top of spine clipped. G+. View more info

Bible and Evolution. (Translated from the Dutch).

By: BULT, Dr. J.:

Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: Sands. 1969.:

Seller ID: 26931

Contents Include:- The Conflict Between Bible and Science: The Doctrine of Evolution: Beyond the Doctrine of Evolution: Bible and Evolution: Problems Concerning Bible and Science. Pp 93, inkstamp to verso front cover, pen mark to fep, some b/w illustrations. P/b, slight rubbing to front cover. G+. View more info

Creation and Evolution.: When Christians Disagree.

By: BURKE, Derek. (editor).

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 1985. 0851107206:

Seller ID: 33775

ISBN: 0851107206

"Seven Christians, each highly respected in his own field of scientific research, and all convinced that the Bible is the revealed word of God to mankind, come to grips with these and related questions - and reach widely differing conclusions." Pp.288. Pbk, crease to rear cover. VG. View more info

On The Use of Science to Christians.

By: CAILLARD, Emma Marie.

Price: £12.00

Publisher: London: James Nisbet and Co., 1897.:

Seller ID: 43168

1st edition. Contents: I.Science and the Spiritual in Nature; II.Science and the Mystery of Evil; III.Science and the "Mystery of Pain"; IV.Science and Immortality; V.The Relation of Science to the Scriptures; VI.Science and Prayer; VII.Faith and Sight. 18cms x 10cms. Pp.95/8(publisher's catalogue), green floral endpapers. Grey cloth, small publisher's label to front board. G+. View more info

Modernising Man.

By: CAMPBELL, Paul.:

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Pinner: Grosvenor Books. 1968.:

Seller ID: 14417

1st.ed. "Draws on a wealth of scientific evidence, and the authors worldwide experience of Moral Re-Armament, to claim that a radical revolution in the human condition is not only possible but is already under way." Pp. 90. Spine slightly scuffed. P/b. G+. View more info

The Conflict of Truth.

By: CAPRON, F.Hugh.:

Price: £12.00

Publisher: London:Hodder and Stoughton,nd.:

Seller ID: 8543

8th ed. Pp.8/522, some spots to page edges(not internally). Maroon cloth, spine sunned. G+. View more info

Evolution: The Unproven Hypothesis.


Price: £8.00

Publisher: Worthing: Lindisfarne Press, 1957.:

Seller ID: 40511

Creationist argument. Pp.80. Paperback, small tear to base of spine. VG. View more info

Is the Theory of Evolution consistent with Christian Belief? (Questions at Issue).


Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: SPCK. 1960.:

Seller ID: 27465

1st ed. "These pamphlets are of particular interest to those people - increasingly common to-day - who cannot help feeling that what they learned at school does not enable them to answer questions they meet in the adult world - about such matters as God, the Bible, and the Church". Pp 20. P/b. G+. View more info

A Scientist in Search of God.


Price: £18.00

Publisher: Croydon: Chatfield Applied Research Laboratories Ltd, 1964.:

Seller ID: 43195

1st edition. Chapters: 1.Coincidence or Design? 2.Order, Uniformity & Beauty; 3.Complexity; 4.The Continuity of Plant Life; 5.The Continuity of Animal Life; 6.The Continuity of Human Life; 7.The Earth a Vast Treasure-Store; 8.Evidence Reviewed; 9.Whither Man? Pp.193, spotting and toning to title page and occasional minor spotting throughout, owner's name to front free endpaper. Red cloth, gilt title to spine dulled. Good. View more info