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Social Casework in Marital Problems: The Development of a Psychodynamic Approach.


Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: Tavistock Publications, 1955. 0:

Seller ID: 34843

A Study by a Group of Caseworkers: Kathleen Bannister; Alison Lyons; Lily Pincus; James Robb; Antonia Shooter; Judith Stephens. Pp.xii/199, slight toning to pages, card pocket to rear pastedown. Red cloth, d/w has edge tears and small losses. G+/G+. View more info

Effective Leadership. A modern guide to developing leadership skills.

By: ADAIR, John.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Pan, 1983. 0330281003:

Seller ID: 5402

ISBN: 0330281003

1st ed. Guide to developing leadership skills. Pp. 228/6 (ads). Pbk. VG. View more info

Guiding the Child on the Principles of Individual Psychology. (Translated from the German by Benjamin Ginzburg).

By: ADLER, Alfred (and associates.

Price: £25.00

Publisher: London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1930.:

Seller ID: 42019

1st edition. Pp.268, owner's name to front free endpaper, toning to endpapers. Orange cloth, dustwrapper rubbed with sunning to spine and chipped edges. Contents: The Vienna Child Guidance Clinics by Regine Seidler and Dr Ladislaus Zilah; The Physician and Educational Guidance by Dr Olga Knopf and Dr Erwin Wexberg; When to Refer Children to Guidance Clinics by Martha Holub and Dr Arthur Zanker; The Family and Educational Guidance by Dr Alice Friedmann; The School and Educational Guidance by Oskar Spiel and Ferdinand Birnbaum; The Influence of Individual Psychology upon Parents' Associations by... View more info

Psychology for Nurses. (5th Ed).


Price: £5.00

Publisher: London; Bailliere Tindall. 1981. 0702008486:

Seller ID: 24408

ISBN: 0702008486

"Provides nurses not only with the information needed to pass examinations, but also with knowledge that will be useful throughout their career in their relationships with patients and their relatives, as well as colleagues and hospital personnel". Pp 373, clipping to page edges of 307-310 not affecting text. Paperback. G+. View more info

The Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour.

By: ARGYLE, Michael.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Middlesex : Pelican Books Ltd, 1979.:

Seller ID: 11135

Rep. "In reading this book, the professional psychologist will find his subject enriched beyond measure, while the plain man will discover revealing insights into his and his fellow's behaviour." Pp. 322, pages slightly toned. P/b, edges slightly rubbed, minor creasing to spine. G.+. View more info

Severe and Mild Depression. The Psychotherapeutic Approach.

By: ARIETI, Silvano, & BEMPORAD, Jules.:

Price: £14.00

Publisher: London: Tavistock Publications, 1980.:

Seller ID: 19918

1st British ed. This major work by two leading psychiatric theorists and clinicians offers a comprehensive, original view of the causes and treatment of depression. Pp. 10/453. Mottled grey cloth, d/w edges creased. VG/G+. View more info

Dibs: In Search of Self. Personality Development in Play Therapy.

By: AXLINE, Virginia.

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1975. 0140213449:

Seller ID: 27032

ISBN: 0140213449

"The moving story of an emotionally lost child who found his way back". Pp 198, slight toning to pages. Paperback, creasing and scuffing to spine with small tears to base of spine. Good. View more info

The Techniques of Astral Projection.

By: BAKER, Dr. Douglas H.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Essendon: Douglas Baker. nd.:

Seller ID: 20812

"We live at a time when increasing numbers of people are having out-of-body experiences". Pp unpaginated. Many b/w illustrations. Name to fep (signed?). Paperback. G+. View more info

Perception and Information. Essential Psychology edited by Peter Herriot.

By: BARBER, Paul J., & LEGGE, David.

Price: £3.50

Publisher: London: Methuen, 1976. 0416820409:

Seller ID: 6339

ISBN: 0416820409

1st ed. Discusses a number of aspects of human perception within a theoretical framework. Pp.144, toning to pages. Paperback. G+. View more info

He and She.

By: BARNES, Kenneth C.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1973.:

Seller ID: 10015

Rep. The book answers simply and sympathetically the questions which interest or trouble young people as they grow. Pp. 208, 5 figs. Slight toning to pages. P/b. Illustd. cover. G. View more info

Psychology Applied to Personnel.

By: BEAUMONT, Henry.:

Price: £8.00

Publisher: New York:Longmans Green,1946.:

Seller ID: 6833

1st ed. " reference to the specific application of the principles of personnel psychology. " Pp.8/167,tape repair to fep. Grey cloth, d/w grubby with edge tears. G/G. View more info

Elementary Statistical Methods in Psychology and Education.


Price: £15.00

Publisher: London: University of London Press Ltd., 1965.:

Seller ID: 11611

1st British ed. "This book aims to develop a highly critical attitude towards statistics and towards over-generalisation and sterotyped evaluation". Pp. 15/528, owner's name to inside front board, slight toning to endpapers. Green cloth, gilt title to spine, dustwrapper has tears to top edge. G+/G. View more info

Physiological Psychology.

By: BLUNDELL, John.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Methuen. 1975.:

Seller ID: 27042

1st ed. "Much of this book has relevance for the understanding of human actions: knowledge of physiological mechanisms underlying psychological functions can throw light on conditions such as obesity, schizophrenia, and the emotional disorder, and on procedures such as psychosurgery and drug therapy". Pp 144, slight toning to pages, name to fep. P/b, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

Introduction to Present Day Psychology. Twenty-four lectures to the WEA at Reading University.

By: BOENHEIM, Curt.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London:Staples Press,1949.:

Seller ID: 11471

Rep. Pp.108,patterned endpapers. Brown cloth, gilt title to spine. G+. View more info

Foundations of Human Conflicts. A Study in Group Psychology.

By: BREND, William A.:

Price: £9.00

Publisher: London:Chapman & Hall,1944.:

Seller ID: 6793

1st ed. Mostly written before the Second World War started and completed before its end. "The views it expresses as to the psychological foundations of conflicts between groups of men are accordingly based upon pre-war observations, and the events of the war itself have not led me to change my opinions in any way; they have indeed provided an opportunity of illustrating and testing my previous conclusions."(Author's preface). Pp.8/212, some pencillings to margins, spotting to endpapers. Maroon cloth,gilt title to spine. G+. View more info

Introduction to Research in Psychopathology.

By: BRENDAN, Maher.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: New York: McGraw-Hill. 1970.:

Seller ID: 18451

1st ed. "...concepts and techniques from experimental psychology,motivation,perception,learning,genetics,anthropology,and epidemiology are described - and examples of their use offered through descriptions of actual experiments.". Pp 206. Some b/w illustrations. P/b. G+. View more info

Mental Illness and Handicap. Community Care. (A Handbook for Nurses in Training).


Price: £5.00

Publisher: BBC Publications. 1973.:

Seller ID: 26148

"The articles in this book convey the experience and ideas of qualified individuals directly participating in different community schemes and services". Pp 60. P/b, slight scuffing to spine. G+. View more info



Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: University Paperbacks, 1965.:

Seller ID: 11862

"Describes and discusses the broad experimental achievements of the behaviourists, in a lucid and non-technical style." Pp, 215, name to verso front cover. P/b. G. View more info

Into the Silent Land: Travels in Neuropyschology.

By: BROKS, Paul.:

Price: £7.00

Publisher: London: Atlantic Books, 2003.:

Seller ID: 31337

1st ed. "Paul Broks draws on his long experience as a neuropsychologist to create a unique mosaic of neurological tales, metaphysical parables and autobiographical reflections." Pp.246. Black cloth, d/w. VG/VG. View more info

The Psychology of Human Ageing.


Price: £3.00

Publisher: Harmondsworth: Penguin. 1971.:

Seller ID: 16670

"Dealing with the course of life from maturity onwards, examines many biological and social effects of human ageing". Pp 365. Pages toned. Name to verso front cover. P/b. Creasing to covers. G. View more info