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The Influence of Christians in Medicine.


Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: Christian Medical Fellowship. 1984.:

Seller ID: 22984

1st ed. "A historical account of progress in medical knowledge and practice over the centuries contains fascinating biographical details of some of the leading Christians who have played their port in this work and in the establishment of universities and hospitals". Pp 186. P/b, sunning to spine with small tear to top. G+. View more info

Image for Injuries and Diseases of the Knee-Joint Considered from the Clinical Aspect.

Injuries and Diseases of the Knee-Joint Considered from the Clinical Aspect.

By: BENNETT, Sir William.

Price: £65.00

Publisher: London: James Nisbet & Co Limited, 1909.:

Seller ID: 43157

1st edition. Contents: I.The Normal Knee; II.Acute Effusion into the Knee-Joint; III.Acute Suppuration; IV.Painless Effusion:(1)Occuring Mainly in Women and Young Girls; V.Painless Effusion:(2) Apart from the Special Class considered in Chapter IV; VI.Recurring Effusion after Injury; VII.Pain in and about the Knee without Swelling or other Objective Abnormality; VIII.Internal Derangement commonly called Slipped Cartilage: (1) The Symptoms and Causes; IX.Internal Derangement: (2) The Treatment; X.Loose Bodies in the Joint; XI.Modifications in the Movements of the Joint directly Consequent upon... View more info

Doctors Talking to Patients. A Study of the Verbal Behaviour of General Practitioners Consulting in their Surgeries.

By: BYRNE, Patrick S. and LONG, Barrie E.L.

Price: £40.00

Publisher: London: HMSO, 1978.:

Seller ID: 39817

2nd impression. Ex-Health Centre Library. "We discovered that the doctors in our study appeared ti gave acheived set routines of interviewing patients, and that few of them demonstrated the capacity for variations of normal style and performance to meet the needs of those patients whose problems did not fit into an organic disease pattern...The preponderance of what we term "doctor-centred behaviour" to us stems from the authoritarian teaching and role models which are experienced in hospital, although, even then, not necessarily improperly....We provide some examples and suggest w... View more info


By: CHAITOW, Leon.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Thorsons, 1987.:

Seller ID: 10116

1st ed. Examines the causes and self-treatment of this painful condition using natural healing methods. Pp. 96. Inscrip. to verso front cover. P/b. G+. View more info

A Pocket Gynaecology.


Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: J & A Churchill Ltd, 1956.:

Seller ID: 42170

3rd edition. "An attempt to present the essential facts of Gynaecology in a book that can literally be carried in the pocket." Pp.viii/111, 17 figure illustrations, minor creasing(printer's fault) to a few pages, small bookseller's label (H.K.Lewis, London) to inside front board. Brown cloth, title to front. G+. View more info

Stutter's Casebook: A Junior Hospital Doctor, 1839-1841.

By: COCKAYNE, E.E. and STOW, N.J.(Editors).

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2005. 1843831139:

Seller ID: 32600

ISBN: 1843831139

1st ed. "William Stutter's casebook contains the notes made by a young resident house apothocary and house surgeon working at a provincial general hospital in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk in the mid-nineteenth century." Pp.46/178, 32 figure illustrations, minor water damage has caused a slight rippling to the pages, although none are stuck together and the text is undamaged. Green cloth,some minor staining to the rear board both internally and externally, rear of the dustwrapper has light green staining internally. G+/G+. View more info

A Consumer's Guide to Over the Counter Medicines.

By: COOPER, Dr Barrington, GERLIS, Dr Laurence, and JEANNET, Elizabeth.:

Price: £9.00

Publisher: London:BCA,1993.:

Seller ID: 3644

Rep. All commonly used over-the-counter medicines included; A comprehensive survey of homeopathic preparations; Easy to follow table of drug interactions; Three-part arrangement for easy access. Pp.720. Blue illustrated laminated boards. VG. View more info

Medical Terminology in Hospital Practice. Foreword by Prof. G.J.Cunningham.

By: DAVIES Paul M. T.D., B.S., D.P.H., F.F.R., D.M.R.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd., 1969.:

Seller ID: 5087

1st ed. A Guide for all those engaged in professions allied to medicine. Pp. 351. Name to fep. P/b. G+. View more info

Guide: Herbo-Minieral Medicines.

By: DE CHANE, J. & J. Laboratories (P) Ltd.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Hyderabad: J. & J. De Chane Laboratories (P) Ltd., nd. (c.1978.):

Seller ID: 29472

nd. Revised edition . "Herbo-Mineral medicines are a combination of various drugs which are processed by constant grinding so as to render them effective even in the small dosage we recommend." Pp. 2/138/6 Index/10 Supplement, chemist's stamp to title page. P/b, rear cover missing. G. View more info

Whole Person Medicine.

By: DRURY, M.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Birmingham: University of Birmingham. 1982.:

Seller ID: 26174

"Concern about clinical medicine in general practice and its place in the medical school......Traces the historical origins of general practice". Pp 14. P/b, slight sunning to covers. G+. View more info

Eating and Allergy.

By: EAGLE, Robert.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Futura Publications Ltd., 1979.:

Seller ID: 9786

1st ed. Provides startling evidence that the food we eat can be the cause of a wide range of illnesses. Pp. 223. Ex libris stamp to fep. Toning to pages. P/b. G. View more info

Ancient Medicine. Selected Papers of Ludwig Edelstein.

By: EDELSTEIN, Ludwig / TEMKIN, Owsei and TEMKIN, C.Lilian (editor/translator).

Price: £18.00

Publisher: Baltimore: The John Hopkins Press, 1967.:

Seller ID: 45570

1st edition. The first part of the book is devoted to Greek Medicine from Hippocrates to the Methodists, prefaced by the author's translation and commentary on the Hippocratic Oath. The second part explores aspects of Greek and Roman medicine. Part three considers the relation of ancient medicine to the professional ethics of the Greek physician and to ancient philosophy and the Greek ethos. The concluding part gathers together a few essays on more general medico-historical themes. Pp.xiv/496, portrait photo frontispiece. Brown cloth spine and cream boards, dustwrapper has edge tears with sma... View more info

Varicose Veins. How they are treated and what you can do to help.

By: ELLIS, Professor Harold.:

Price: £12.00

Publisher: London: Martin Dunitz Ltd., 1982.:

Seller ID: 10635

1st ed. Everything you need to know about this sometimes troublesome and often embarrassing condition. Pp. 108, 41 col. illustns., & 27 b/w illustns. Dark blue cloth, gilt title to spine, illustrated d/w. VG/VG. View more info

Human Memory. Essential Psychology edited by Peter Herriot.

By: GREGG, Vernon.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Methuen, 1975.:

Seller ID: 6372

1st ed. Based mainly on the theme of how meaning, language, imagery and events are recorded in memory and how they are "found" again when required. Pp. 142/2 (ads). Tear to fep. Toning to pages. P/b. Illustd. cover. G. View more info

The Other Medicines. The Unique Treat-Yourself Guide to Natural Remedies & Therapies.

By: GROSSMAN, Richard.

Price: £6.50

Publisher: London: Pan Books, 1986.:

Seller ID: 12303

"Whilst making no claims for miraculous cures for series conditions which require professional medical treatment, The Other Medicines will allow you to confidently take more care of your general health and well-being." Pp.320,owners name to title. P/b. VG. View more info

Devils Drugs and Doctors. The Story of the Science of Healing from Medicine-Man to Doctor.

By: HAGGARD, Howard W.

Price: £9.00

Publisher: London: William Heinemann (Medical Books) Ltd, nd.:

Seller ID: 40030

"Tells the amazing story of plagues, of childbirth, of venereal disease, of drugs, and of anaesthetics. He describes medical practices among savages, surgical operations performed by the ancient Egyptians, grave-robbing and vivisection by mediaeval doctors in their search for more accurate knowledge in anatomy." Pp.xvi/405, occasional black & white illustrations throughout. Orange cloth, dustwrapper has edge tears with small losses to top of spine. VG/G+. View more info

Nursing & Treatment of Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis.

By: HARDY, Gladys M.

Price: £15.00

Publisher: London: Faber and Faber, 1954.:

Seller ID: 42067

1st edition. Written during the 1950s, prior to the announcement of the discovery of a polio vaccine by Jonas Salk, at a time when polio epidemics were rife. Pp.63. Red cloth, yellow dustwrapper has half centimetre tear to top front edge. VG/VG. View more info

The Way We Die.

By: IVAN, Leslie. & MELROSE, Maureen.

Price: £6.50

Publisher: Chichester: Angel Press, 1986. 0947785086:

Seller ID: 12978

ISBN: 0947785086

1st.ed. "This is a thoughtful, but not depressing, treatment of our common mortality." Pp.106. Paperback, rubbed patch from old sticker to front cover. VG. View more info

Rheumatism. Is Prevention and Cure.

By: JEFFREY, Clement.:

Price: £8.00

Publisher: London:Mills and Boon,1929.:

Seller ID: 6894

2nd ed. "The Author, backed by a wealth of practical experience, has succeeded in telling what everyone should know concerning Rheumatism. He deals with its causes and its various types, and describes fully the simple natural methods which can be used daily in the home." Pp.190, portrait frontis., 10 diagrams, some spotting to page edges not affecting text. Blue cloth, d/w rubbed and chipped. G+/G. View more info

Convulsive Disorders in Children. With Reference to Treatment with Ketogenic Diet.

By: KEITH, Haddow M.

Price: £30.00

Publisher: London: J & A Churchill Ltd, 1963.:

Seller ID: 42016

1st edition. "This comprehensive and authoritative book provides specific, detailed information on childhood convulsions and how to treat them....Among the topics covered are: The use of electroencephalography for diagnosing convulsive disorders in children; "photogenic" seizures; seizures in newborn infants; the mental status of children with convulsions; treatment by surgery for the minority of cases requiring it; hereditary and genetic factors affecting childhood epilepsy. One of the features of this book is the inclusion of the results of the work done at the Mayo Clinic on the... View more info