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Women of the New Testament.

By: ADENEY, Walter F.

Price: £9.00

Publisher: London: Service & Paton, 1899.:

Seller ID: 28726

Popular Biblical Library series (vol.iv). Pp.12/276/ads, endpapers browned, minor inked dots to contents pages. Blue cloth, gilt title to front and spine, slightly rubbed. G+. View more info

The Gospel According to Woman. Christianity's Creation of the Sex War in the West.

By: ARMSTRONG, Karen.:

Price: £30.00

Publisher: London: Pan, 1987.:

Seller ID: 31672

"In her lively and well-argued account, covering the past 2,000 years, of how the Church has treated women, Karen Armstrong shows the devastating effect Christianity has had on our society, how women have continually sought to escape the ignominy of being Eve, and how ...the radical feminist's withdrawal from the world of men is merely a secular expression of the age-old Christian course women were forced to adopt." Pp.12/323, owners name to inside front cover, slight toning to pages. Pbk, creasing to covers. Scarce. G+. View more info

Spirited Women. Encountering the First Women Believers.

By: ASHCROFT, Mary Ellen.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Oxford: Bible Reading Fellowship, 2000. 1841014435:

Seller ID: 40072

ISBN: 1841014435

"Set during the time of the book of Acts, just after the death of Stephen, the first martyr, it explores the stories of some of the women involved in the early Church - Mary Magdalene, Martha, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Joanna, among others." Pp.135. Paperback. VG. View more info

Immaculate and Powerful. The Female in Sacred Image and Social Reality.

By: ATKINSON, Clarissa, BUCHANAN, Constance H. and MILES, Margaret R.:

Price: £6.50

Publisher: Crucible. 1987.:

Seller ID: 24665

"This volume contains eleven innovative and wide-ranging essays on the ways religion has symbolized the female in various cultural contexts and how sacred images of the female have functioned as a force in women's lives". Pp 328. P/b. Portrait cover. VG. View more info

Hasten Slowly. The First Legal Ordination of Women Priests.

By: BENNETT, Joyce M.

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Chichester: Little London Associates Publishing. 1992. 1872178014:

Seller ID: 15779

ISBN: 1872178014

2nd ed. "The pioneering path of Hong Kong, and the parallel story of women involved is described with clarity and insight". Pp 110, inscribed. by author to title page. Paperback. VG. View more info

The Service and Status of Women in the Churches.

By: BLISS, Kathleen.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: SCM, 1952.:

Seller ID: 40014

"The aim of the book is not to plead a cause, but to state a situation, explain how it has come about, and consider the possibilities for its development." Pp.208, owner's name to front free endpaper. Blue cloth, dustwrapper rubbed with edge tears and minor losses. VG/G+. View more info

Wonderful Order.


Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: SPCK. 1955.:

Seller ID: 26145

1st ed. "Discussions regarding the eligibility, or otherwise, of women for the priesthood too often start in the wrong way......Mrs Blomfield, starts her dissertation from where it ought to start, namely, the Being of God". Pp 43. P/b, rusting to staples. G+. View more info

Image for Women and the Apostolic Ministry?

Women and the Apostolic Ministry?

By: BRIDGE, G. Richmond.

Price: £6.50

Publisher: Halifax, Nova Scotia: The Convent Society, 1997. 1895713102:

Seller ID: 37298

ISBN: 1895713102

1st edition. "I make no pretence that a short book can be an exhaustive theological study of what is a most complex and multifaceted issue. My less ambitious goal is to explain as clearly and simply as possible my own stance, which is to affirm the biblical view that the Apostolic Ministry is male. (Author's intro.). Pp.136. Paperback. VG. View more info

Women Invisible. A Personal Odyssey in Christian Feminism.

By: BUHRIG, Marga.:

Price: £8.00

Publisher: Tunbridge Wells: Burns and Oates. 1993.:

Seller ID: 27459

"Seeks to make the 'invisible' role of women in the church visible, and to explain why, despite the service women have rendered to the church for centuries, they have either been silent or forced into silence". Pp 126, inkstamp to fep. P/b. VG. View more info

Learning from Life. Talks for Women (2).

By: BYE, Beryl.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: London: Lutterworth Press. 1969.:

Seller ID: 23603

1st ed. "Tells the ordinary, everyday happenings of life and turns them into fragrant and memorable happenings......For personal reading as well as for use in addresses, groups, discussions and meetings". Pp 95, discreet owners inkstamp to verso front cover. P/b, slight scuffing to lower front cover, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

Looking Into Life, Talks for Women.

By: BYE, Beryl.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: London: Lutterworth Press, 1967.:

Seller ID: 14168

1st ed. "In these lively, personal and womanly 'talks' Mrs Beryl Bye deals with a big range of life's problems, difficulties and triumphs". Pp. 95, fep. absent. P/b. Vg. View more info

Woman at the Altar. The Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church.

By: BYRNE, Lavinia.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Mowbray, 1994. 0264673352:

Seller ID: 41530

ISBN: 0264673352

1st edition. "The conclusions of this timely and convincing book express the views of a growing and committed number of theologians, priests and lay people in the Roman Catholic Church: that the theological and pastoral framework for ordaining women as priests is already in place. and that not to ordain women would now be to compromise the catholicity of the Church." Pp.132. Paperback, sunning to spine. G+. View more info

Women before God.

By: BYRNE, Lavinia.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: SPCK.1992.:

Seller ID: 4102

4th.imp. "This book attempts a radically new way of looking at the position of women be-fore God." Pp.13/111, fep scuffed. P/b. G+. View more info

Finding Our Way and Sharing Our Stories. Women of the Nineties Reflect on Their Traditions.

By: CAPEY, Cynthia.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Ipswich: Suffolk College Publishing, 1995. 1898580103:

Seller ID: 24684

ISBN: 1898580103

"This is a rainbow of different faiths and beliefs representing women from all walks of life; some are experienced writers, others are less practised. The stories are thoughtful, revealing, intimate and at times very moving". Pp.116, 1 b/w illustration. Paperback. Illustrated cover. VG. View more info

The Ordination of Women to the Priesthood. A Digest of the Second Report by the House of Bishops. (GS 829) (GS Misc 337).


Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Church House, 1990. 0715137301:

Seller ID: 25183

ISBN: 0715137301

Pp.49. Pbk. VG. View more info

Singing Through the Night. Courageous Stories of Faith from Women in the Persecuted Church.

By: COMPANJEN, Anneke.

Price: £6.50

Publisher: Grand Rapids: Revell, 2007. 0800731980:

Seller ID: 35682

ISBN: 0800731980

"This stirring book reveals the lives of eleven women in nine different countries around the world. They have lost husbands, children, homes, jobs, or their very freedom and yet continue to praise and serve their Lord." Pp.297. Pbk. VG. View more info

Women and Men in Scripture and the Church. A Guide to the Key Issues.

By: CROFT, Steven & GOODER, Paula.(editors).

Price: £8.00

Publisher: Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2013. 9781848255104:

Seller ID: 41545

ISBN: 1848255101

1st edition. "Will enable readers to look honestly and carefully at what the Bible says about the roles of men and women in family life, in ministry and in society. It will help the Church recover a sense that the message of the Christian faith is profoundly good news for the whole of humanity." Pp.xxiv/91. Paperback. VG. View more info

And All That is Unseen. A New Look at Women's Work.

By: DAWSON, Rosemary.:

Price: £25.00

Publisher: London: Church House Publishing. 1986.:

Seller ID: 25452

"Part One of the report focuses on the experience women have of work. In Part Two it issues a challenge to the Churches - to rethink our theology and reshape our practice, in the light of the evidence". Pp 62, erratta sheet loosley inserted. P/b. Illustrated cover. VG. View more info

Women at Worship. A Book for those who lead Women in Thought and Prayer.

By: DOIDGE, Reg and Eveline.:

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Nutfield:NSSU,1964.:

Seller ID: 3987

1st ed. Pp.205. Green cloth. G+. View more info

Man and Woman: Similarity and Difference.

By: DUMAS, Francine.:

Price: £4.50

Publisher: Geneva: World Council of Churches, 1966.:

Seller ID: 5623

1st ed. Study of social evolution. Pp. 88, frontis. P/b. Illustd. cover. G+. View more info