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One in the Truth? The cancer of division in the Evangelical church.

By: AMESS, Robert.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: Eastbourne: Kingsway Publications, 1988.:

Seller ID: 29630

1st ed. "One in the Truth calls us to repent of our bitterness and anger. It is a cry from the heart for unity." Pp. 158/2 (ads), owner's name to fep. P/b. G+. View more info

On the Other Side. The report of the Evangelical Alliance Commission on Evangelism.

By: ANON.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Scripture Union. 1968.:

Seller ID: 5288

1st.ed. "A report which holds up the mirror to Britian in the melting-pot. In an age of conflicting definitions, the Commission re-state the New Testament Gospel." Pp. 190. page edges toned. P/b. G+. View more info

Bridge Builder. Training Course Handbook.

By: BASCUTI, Ellen and OWENS, Dan. (editors).:

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Oregan: Luis Palau Evangelistic Ass. 1995.:

Seller ID: 19203

"Here are some exciting testimonies from friends who have met the challenge to serve as a Bridgebuilder during our crusades in America and around the world". Pp 106. Some b/w illustrations. P/b. Illustrated cover. G+. View more info

God's Way.

By: BASSETT, Paul.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: Welwyn: Evangelical Press. 1981.:

Seller ID: 22993

1st ed. "Looks at Scripture, then at history and the present needs of our society, and reminds us that God can give, not only a new age of great preachers, but a new age of great power". Pp 143, discreet owners inkstamp to verso front cover. P/b, slight sunning to spine, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

One World One Way.

By: BENTON, John.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Co.Durham: Evangelical Press. 1992.:

Seller ID: 22413

1st ed. "Personal redemption requires conscious faith in the Lord Jesus. What are people to make of the claims of Jesus? Are they simply misguided and outmoded statements no longer appropriate to the times? These are the kinds of questions the author considers in this book". Pp 111, discreet owners inkstamp to verso front cover. P/b. Illustrated cover. VG. View more info

The Evangelical Renaissance.

By: BLOESCH, Donald G.:

Price: £6.00

Publisher: London: Hodder & Stoughton. 1974.:

Seller ID: 22419

"Gives us a forthright statement of evangelical essentials and at the same time calls for more mutual evangelical openness, respect and love". Pp 170, discreet owners inkstamp to fep, page edges toned. P/b. G+. View more info

The Silent War.

By: BOOTH, Philip A.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Christian Literature Crusade. 1953.:

Seller ID: 14903

2nd ed. The work of the Christian Literature Crusade. Pp 46. 6 b/w illustrations. P/b. Illustrated cover. G+. View more info

Growing the Smaller Church.

By: BREEN, Mike. (with FOX, Simon).

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Marshall Pickering, 1992. 0551023724:

Seller ID: 35026

ISBN: 0551023724

"Mike Breen asserts that starting small is as good a place to start as any when it comes to developing a programme of evangelism. When two or more are gathered in Jesus' name things can and do happen!" Pp.122, errata slip enclosed. Pbk. VG. View more info

Finders Keepers.

By: BRESTIN, Dee.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Hodder & Stoughton. 1984.:

Seller ID: 24678

"Shows how friendship provides the best and most natural means of evangelism. Suggests ways of explaining the Gospel sensitively yet boldly, encouraging a personal response and then helping the new believer to grow faith". Pp 189, pages toned. P/b. Illustrated cover. G+. View more info

A Guide to Evangelism.

By: CALVER, Clive, COPLEY, Derek, MOFFETT, Bob and SMITH, Jim.:

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Basingstoke: Marshall Morgan & Scott. 1984.:

Seller ID: 27201

1st ed. "The conviction of the authors in this book is that in an increasingly secular and fragmented society the people of God need to pool their resources to help one another in reaching out to save those who are lost". Pp 302. P/b, slight sunning to spine, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

Know & Tell the Gospel.

By: CHAPMAN, John C.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1983. 0340342811:

Seller ID: 12568

ISBN: 0340342811

1st.ed. "This book explains the biblical basis for evangelism, and how to communicate faith naturally but powerfully." Pp, 175, page edges slightly toned. Paperback. VG. View more info

Know and Tell the Gospel. Help for the Reluctant Evangelist.

By: CHAPMAN, John.:

Price: £4.50

Publisher: London: St. Matthias Press, 1983.:

Seller ID: 6605

1st ed. "John Chapman talks candidly about his struggle with a secret fear of witnessing". Pp. 175/1 (ad). 8 diagrams. P/b. Illustd. cover. VG. View more info

Discovery Group Leadership Training. A Training Course for Nurture Group Leaders.

By: CHILVERS, Roger.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Billy Graham. 1989.:

Seller ID: 21038

"The course is designed to help Churches and individuals to see the importance of looking after those who have taken the first steps in the Christian life or are enquiring about what it means to be a Christian". Pp 46. P/b. G+. View more info

Successful Home Cell Groups.

By: CHO, Dr. Paul Yonggi.:

Price: £7.00

Publisher: Plainfield, NJ, USA: Logos International, 1981.:

Seller ID: 17377

1st ed. "The author describes his church as both the smallest and the largest in the world. The plan of home cell groups developed there has brought about not only phenomenal growth, but also intimate fellowship and involvement... He relates how he has led to this dynamic principle of growth and details everything you need to know to make home cell groups work." Pp.9/177. P/b with illustrated cover, small tear to lower spine. G+. View more info

Inside Out. The Report of Church Army's Theology of Evangelism Working Party 2004.


Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: SPCK. 2004.:

Seller ID: 25178

1st ed. "The distinctiveness of the Report is in two areas. First, it considers the place of evangelism within mission, and particularly the relationship between word and action - and the need for both. Second, it makes a closely argued case for the Church to recognise, value and resource the specialist ministry of the evangelist". Pp 88. P/b. VG. View more info

Good News People. Recognizing Diocesan Evangelists.


Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Church House Publishing. 1999. 071515544X:

Seller ID: 17810

ISBN: 071515544X

1st ed. "Examines the role of 'evangelist' in the light of the New Testament and Church history, looks at models of good practice in other Churches and, finally, offers practical guidance and recommendations with regard to the selection, training and recognition of evangelists". Pp.76. Paperback. VG. View more info

You Have an Unction. The Ministries of the Spirit of Christ.

By: CLIFFORD, Dr. David L.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Faroe Islands: The Earthen Vessel Publishers, 1988.:

Seller ID: 30400

1st ed. "The outlines presented in this book will give a comprehensive understanding of the Person, work and power of the Holy Spirit/." Pp. 72. Pbk. VG. View more info

He Tells Us to Go. Evangelism - Sharing Good News in a Divided World.

By: COFFEY, Ian.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Hodder & Stoughton. 1986.:

Seller ID: 25446

1st ed. "Evangelism: a highly emotive and often misunderstood subject, crucial to evangelicals, seemingly over-emphasised or even irrelevant and embarrasing to others". Pp 62, slight toning to pages. P/b. Illustrated cover. VG. View more info

London Hears Billy Graham. The Greater London Crusade.

By: COOK, Charles T.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1954.:

Seller ID: 13891

1st ed. This account of the Harringay meetings and the wider activities of Dr. Graham and his team is sent forth in order to meet a widespread demand for a permanent record of the Crusade. Pp. 12/127, portrait frontis., 8 b/w illustns. Dark green cloth, gilt title to spine, illustd. d/w has slight chipping and rubbing. G+/G+. View more info

The Evangelism Cookbook.

By: COOK, Derek.:

Price: £4.50

Publisher: Exeter: The Paternoster Press. 1988.:

Seller ID: 24693

"A practical and informed resource book: 'Recipes' which will enrich the life of many congregations in their evangelistic outreach". Pp 104, toning to page edges. P/b. Illustrated cover. G+. View more info