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Abraham Lincoln: Wisdom and Wit. (Illustrated by Jeff Hill).

By: BACHELDER, Louise. (Editor).:

Price: £8.00

Publisher: New York: The Peter Pauper Press, 1965.:

Seller ID: 15294

Prohibition: The 13 Years That Changed America.

By: BEHR, Edward.:

Price: £8.50

Publisher: London: BBC Books, 1997.:

Seller ID: 31347

War Comes Again: Comparative Vistas on the Civil War and World War II.

By: BORITT, Gabor S. (editor).:

Price: £8.50

Publisher: New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.:

Seller ID: 31346

Ought American Slavery to be Perpuated? A Debate. (held at Philadelphia,September 1858).

By: BROWNLOW, Rev W.G. and PRYNE, Rev A.:

Price: £18.00

Publisher: Miami: Mnemosyne Publishing,1969.:

Seller ID: 21160

Columbus in the Capitol. Commemorative Quincentenary Edition.

By: CHAMBERS, Ann (ed).:

Price: £6.50

Publisher: Washington: U.S. Government. 1992.:

Seller ID: 25175

Civil War Times Illustrating the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

By: FOWLER, Robert H.:

Price: £6.50

Publisher: Historical Times Inc, 1965.:

Seller ID: 14694

Saratoga: The Decisive Battle.

By: FURNEAUX, Rupert.:

Price: £8.50

Publisher: London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1971.:

Seller ID: 21330

Battles of the American Civil War.

By: JOHNSON, Curt, & McLAUGHLIN, Mark.:

Price: £12.00

Publisher: Maidenhead: Sampson Low, 1977.:

Seller ID: 14731

Wyoming: Frontier State. (drawings by Ramona Bowman).

By: LINFORD, Velma.:

Price: £45.00

Publisher: Denver:Old West Publishing Co.,1947.:

Seller ID: 16165

The Mississippi: The life and legends of America's greatest river.

By: MILLER, A. (Editor).:

Price: £8.50

Publisher: New York: Crescent Books, 1975.:

Seller ID: 14735

Pacific Destiny. An Informal History of the U.S. in the Far East: 1776-1968.

By: O'CONNOR, Richard.:

Price: £20.00

Publisher: Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1969.:

Seller ID: 20421

Via Western Express and Stagecoach. California's Transportation Links with the Nation,1848-1869.

By: WINTHER, Oscar Osburn.:

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press,1979.:

Seller ID: 15650