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Extracts for Spanish Prose Translation. For Schools and Universities.


Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: George G. Harrap & Co Ltd, 1932. 0:

Seller ID: 37946

Short Manual (With Vocabulary) of the Amharic Language, Prepared for the General Staff.

By: ALONE, Major J.P. (West India Regiment).

Price: £30.00

Publisher: London: HMSO, 1909. 0:

Seller ID: 38025

Learn Hindi Your-Self.


Price: £10.00

Publisher: Calcutta: Das Gupta Prakashan, nd.(c.1972).:

Seller ID: 34026

Basic Japanese Grammar.

By: BLEILER, Everett F.:

Price: £4.50

Publisher: Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle, 1986.:

Seller ID: 31104

Image for How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

By: COLLIER, Mark and MANLEY, Bill.

Price: £15.00

Publisher: London: British Museum Press, 2000. 0714119105:

Seller ID: 45275

ISBN: 0714119105

First Visit to France. (Illustrated by Ashley Pope).

By: CREIGHTON, Hilary.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: London: Max Parish. 1966.:

Seller ID: 17820

Dictionnaire Des Synonymes.

By: DECKER, Thomas.:

Price: £10.00

Publisher: France: Editions de Lodi, 1998.:

Seller ID: 10855

Cassell's Spanish English Dictionary.

By: DUTTON, Brian, HARVEY, L.P. WALKER, Roger, M.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: London : Cassell's Pub, 1988.:

Seller ID: 11100

Travellers' Spanish.

By: ELLIS, D.L. and ELLIS. R.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: London: Pan Books. 1981.:

Seller ID: 17051

English Xhosa Dictionary.

By: FISCHER, Arnold. (with WEISS, E; MDALA, E; and TSHABE, S).:

Price: £80.00

Publisher: Cape Town: Oxford University Press, 1990.:

Seller ID: 30708

Gebet Und Andachtsbuch Fur Isrealitische Frauen Und Madchen...

By: FREUND, Jacob .:

Price: £20.00

Publisher: Breslau: Berlag von Jacob B. Brandeis, [ 1908 ].:

Seller ID: 17622

Lexicon Syriacum: Omnes Novi Testamenti Syriaci Dictiones et Particulas Complectens. [Syriac Lexicon].

By: GUTBIER, Aegidius / HENDERSON, E.(editor).

Price: £30.00

Publisher: Londini:Sumptibus Samuelis Bagster et FF., nd (c.1850?).:

Seller ID: 43580

Assyrian Grammar with Chrestomathy and Glossary.

By: MERCER, Samuel A.B.

Price: £25.00

Publisher: London: Luzac & Co., 1921.:

Seller ID: 40870

A Handbook of Modern Arabic: Consisting of a Practical Grammar, with Numerous Examples, Dialogues, and Newspaper Extracts; in a European Type.

By: NEWMAN, Francis W.

Price: £18.00

Publisher: London: Trubner and Co., 1866.:

Seller ID: 37931

Nepali Phrasebook.

By: O'ROURKE, Mary-Jo and SHRESTHA, Bimal.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Hawthorn: Lonely Planet, 1996.:

Seller ID: 31420

Malay in Three Weeks. An introduction to Modern Colloquial Malay.

By: PARRY, John and SULAIMAN, Sahari bin.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Singapore: Eastern Universities Press, 1970.:

Seller ID: 16351

Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar.

By: ROBINSON, Theodore H.

Price: £20.00

Publisher: Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1915. 0:

Seller ID: 40472

Teach Yourself German Grammar.

By: RUSS, Jenny.:

Price: £7.00

Publisher: Lodon: Hodder & Stoughton, 1998.:

Seller ID: 10986

Russian For Beginners. (A Self-Educator).

By: SAGOVSKY, Vladimir.:

Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: Sir Isaac Pitman,1946.:

Seller ID: 31575

The Right Word in Chinese.

By: SAUNDERS, Irene.:

Price: £8.00

Publisher: Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 1991.:

Seller ID: 30017