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The Archaeology of Palestine.


Price: £5.00

Publisher: Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1949.:

Seller ID: 9477

1st ed. A survey of the ancient peoples and cultures of the Holy Land. Pp. 272/1(ad). 30 plates, 63 figs. 1 Table, + 1 map (frontis.) Toning to pages. P/b. G. View more info

Thessalonike Museum.

By: ANDRONICOS, Manolis.:

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Athens: Ekdotike Athenon S.A., 1985.:

Seller ID: 9241

1st ed. A new guide to the archaeological treasures. Pp. 79, coloured illustns. throughout. P/b. Illustd. cover. 24 cms. x 17 cms. VG. View more info

National Archaeological Museum.

By: ANON.:

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Athens, 1979.:

Seller ID: 11846

"Useful to the visitor of the museum, will help remember some of the exhibits after leaving. Scientific guides, which served to us as a bibliography, are mentioned in the last page of the text." 24cm. x 17cm. Pp, 96. many col. illustrations. P/b. illustrated cover. VG. View more info

The Testimony of the Spade.

By: BIBBY, Geoffrey.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: London: Collins, Fontana, 1962.:

Seller ID: 8215

1st Fontana ed. Description of the life of our ancestors in Northern Europe from 15,000 B.C. to the time of the Vikings. Pp. 478/2(ads). 24 plates, 63 drawings, + 9 maps. Inscrip. to verso front cover. P/b. Illustd. cover. G+. View more info

Image for Excavations Along the M25.  Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Activity between Aveley and Epping, Essex.

Excavations Along the M25. Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Activity between Aveley and Epping, Essex.

By: BIDDULPH, Edward and BRADY, Kate.

Price: £50.00

Publisher: Colchester: Essex Society for Archaeology and History, 2015. 9780993199813:

Seller ID: 44401

ISBN: 099319981X

1st edition. "Archaeological fieldwork by Oxford Archaeology at some 29 sites along the route of a widening scheme between junctions 27 and 30 of the M25 motorway in Essex uncovered evidence of past occupation and activities dating from the Mesolithic to post-medieval periods....The limited opportunity for archaeological excavation during the original construction of the motorway meant that little had been known of the archaeology beneath. The results presented in this volume have significantly altered that view, revealing a picture of an evolving cultural landscape between Aveley and Eppi... View more info

Catalogue of an Exhibition of Romano-British Antiquities.


Price: £6.00

Publisher: Ipswich: East Anglian Daily Times, 1950.:

Seller ID: 45475

Catalogue of an Exhibition of Romano-British Antiquities July 1sr to 15th, 1950 in The Castle Museum Colchester. Pp.57, 20 black & white plates. Grey card covers slightly rubbed, rusting to staples. Good. View more info

Early Celtic Masterpieces from Britain in the British Museum.


Price: £6.00

Publisher: London: British Museum. 1975.:

Seller ID: 25165

Contents Include:- Witham Shield and the Wandsworth Shield Bosses: Battersea Shield: Thames Helmet: Meyrick Helmet: Ipswich Torcs: Snettisham Torc and Bracelet: Bronze Mirrors: Massive Bronze Armlets: Aylesford Bucket: Welwyn Belgic Burials. 27.5cms x 22cms. Pp 103, many b/w illustrations, 1 colour to frontis, inscrib to fep. P/b, front cover slightly creased, slight sunning to spine, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

The Stone Circles of the British Isles.

By: BURL, Aubrey.:

Price: £24.00

Publisher: New Haven:Yale,1981.:

Seller ID: 8512

6th printing. "...Burl analyzes and synthesizes all the relevent archaeological data and presents an objective view of the megalithic rings of which nearly a thousand still survive in the British Isles....The book also includes a catalogue which provides a complete corpus of stone circles, with details of their exact size, excavation, possible astronomical significance, and major bibliographical references. Fifty diagrams and thirty-six photographs illustrate the variety and beauty of these magnificent monuments." Pp.22/410, 50 diagrams 36 photographs, 17 tables. Grey cloth, illustr... View more info

Reading the Past: Linear B and Related Scripts.


Price: £6.00

Publisher: London: British Museum Press, 2001. 0714180688:

Seller ID: 39811

ISBN: 0714180688

4th impression. "Long before Homer a script was in use in Greece which is quite unrelated to the alphabet. The kings of Mycenaeen Greece kept their accounts on clay tablets written in a script now known as Minoan Linear B. In 1952 this was deciphered and shown to conceal an early form of the Greek language." Pp.64, 38 plates and figure illustrations. Paperback. VG. View more info

Image for A Dictionary of Terms and Techniques in Archaeology.

A Dictionary of Terms and Techniques in Archaeology.


Price: £4.00

Publisher: Oxford: Phaidon Press Ltd. 1980. 0714821179:

Seller ID: 41269

ISBN: 0714821179

"This book provides the archaeological student and the layman with clear definitions and well presented graphic illustrations of the sometimes seemingly abstruse process involved in the present day archaeological investigation..." Pp.144, illustrations and graphics throughout. Paperback. VG. View more info

The Battle Of "Assandun": Where Was It Fought? By Miller Christy. Reprinted from The Journal Of The British Archaeological Association December, 1925.

By: CHRISTY, Miller .

Price: £25.00

Publisher: London: [ British Archaeological Association ], Published for the Association, 22 Russell Square, london, W.C.I. 0:

Seller ID: 44375

A very good original pamphlet. pp.168-190 . Soiled yellow card covers with printed titles, and an inked dedication: "To The Revd. G. Montagu Benton with the Author's Compts." There is also a loosely inserted letter from Miller Christy to Rev. Gerald Montagu Benton, and dated 15th Dec 1926. A well-preserved copy of this scarce pamphlet. ** Miller Christy, 1861-1928 . Miller Christy was a respected authority on archaeology and ornithology in Essex, and over a forty year period he published many books and articles on these subjects, plus Natural History and related topics. He was Pres... View more info

The Maya. Fifth edition, fully revised and expanded.

By: COE, Michael D.:

Price: £9.00

Publisher: New York: Thames & Hudson. 1995.:

Seller ID: 24691

"Maya civilization may have collapsed over a thousand years ago, but Maya culture lives on. Professor Coe pays tribute to the six million or more contemporary Maya, guardians to so many of the ancient traditions, whose long struggle against persecution and extermination continues to this day". Pp 224, many b/w illustrations, name to fep. P/b. Illustrated cover. VG. View more info

The Roman Forts of the Saxon Shore.

By: COTTRELL, Leonard.

Price: £3.50

Publisher: London: H.M.S.O, 1964. 0:

Seller ID: 26168

"There are many Roman forts in Britain, especially in the North. Why then should these south-eastern strongholds excite attention? Because, although they vary somewhat in shape and size, they all have certain common characteristics. They are all on or near the sea, usually at strategic points". Pp.39, many b/w illustrations. Pbk, rusting to staples, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

Wonders of Antiquity.

By: COTTRELL, Leonard.:

Price: £4.00

Publisher: London: Pan Books, 1963.:

Seller ID: 9262

1st Pan ed. A fascinating guide to the splendours of the Ancient World. Pp. 169/6(ads). 12 b/w photos. Slight toning to pages. P/b. Illustd. cover. G+. View more info

Archaeological Bibliography for Great Britain and Ireland. 1975.


Price: £5.00

Publisher: London: The Council for British Archaeology. 1978.:

Seller ID: 25673

"Covers material relating to Great Britain and Ireland from the earliest times to AD. 1600; although a small amount of the 17th. century material likelt to prove of archaeology interest has been added." Pp. 168. P/b, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

The First Civilizations. The Archaeology of their Origins.

By: DANIEL, Glyn.:

Price: £12.00

Publisher: London:Thames and Hudson,1968.:

Seller ID: 8762

1st ed. Pp.208,79 b/w plates, 16 figures in the text. Brown cloth, illustrated d/w has closed edge tear to front. VG/G+. View more info

Flights into Yesterday. The Story of Aerial Archaeology.

By: DEUEL, Leo.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Harmondsworth: Penguin. 1973.:

Seller ID: 28487

"Explains how vertical or oblique photographs pick out the patterns of shadow-sites, soil marks and crop marks to reveal the positions of obliterated earthworks, roads, walls, villages and even cities". Pp 320, toning to pages, inkstamps to verso front cover, minor tape marks to endpapers, some b/w illustrations. P/b, slight creasing to spine, illustrated cover. G+. View more info

Discovering Archaeology in England and Wales.

By: DYER, James.:

Price: £3.00

Publisher: Aylesbury: Shire Publications. 1976.:

Seller ID: 18275

"A pocket guide to the archaeological detection of our early history, and the introductory book for the Regional Archaeology series". Pp 88. 16 b/w illustrations. P/b. G+. View more info

The Pyramids of Egypt. Drawings by John Cruikshank Rose.


Price: £5.00

Publisher: Harmondsworth: Pelican Books, 1947.:

Seller ID: 9503

1st ed. A study of the Pyramids. Pp. 256/1(ad). 21 plates, 33 drawings + 1 map. Toning to pages. P/b. G. View more info

Mysteries of Lost Empires.

By: FISHER, Marshall Jon, & FISHER, David E.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: London: Channel 4 Books, 2000. 0752216066:

Seller ID: 27576

ISBN: 0752216066

1st ed. "Mysteries of Lost Empires provides an alternative, dynamic approach to history." Accompanies the widely acclaimed Channel 4 series of the same name. 25cms. x 19.5cms. Pp. 223, colour illustrations throughout. Black cloth, gilt title to spine, illustrated d/w. VG/VG. View more info