An Experiment With Time.


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Reprint of the Third (revised) edition. "Time, upon his theory, is not just a fourth dimension added to the three dimensions of space. It is an infinite series of dimensions, involving the existence of an infinite series of observers - a series which stretches out, so to speak, behind each man's workaday self. To this theory the author gives the name of 'serialism'; and he works it out with the aid of simple diagrams and a fascinating clarity of style." Pp.256, occasional figure illustrations, spotting to closed page edges. Blue cloth, dustwrapper has small edge chips. G+/G+."According to Dunne, our wakeful attention prevents us from seeing beyond the present moment, whilst when dreaming that attention fades and we gain the ability to recall more of our timeline. This allows fragments of our future to appear in pre-cognitive dreams, mixed in with fragments or memories of our past. Other consequences include the phenomenon known as deja vu and the existence of life after death." (wiki).